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Thanks for being curious! We can’t wait to share updates about Steve and Kate's next new thing...coming soon.

Hatch you later!


We’re Gweela, a handful of humans named after an Australian brush turkey. What’s so wonderful about those down-underfuls? Gweela are superprecocial birds. Their young hatch with everything they need to thrive, right from the start. The adults work carefully to cultivate just-right, safe-space conditions for their eggs, and then...they step back, and trust their young to trust their instincts. 


We want kids (the human kind) to fly free, too. We know they’re born bold and brave and intuitive. What if, instead of waiting until they’re told or until they’re older, kids had a say in the way they learn, navigate the world, and write their story? 


In the spirit of superprecocial creatures, we create the conditions in which kids can explore and express authentically. We develop content and technology that’s for and about kids because we believe they’re capable, credible, and remarkable, right now. 


Gweela: For wildly capable kids.

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